Talentz began its operations in 2002 as a Musical Instrument store located in Muscat, Oman. Since then, we have experienced tremendous growth. Now, we are one of the leading technical event production companies, a reliable quality musical instrument retailer, an inspiring music institute, and a trusted firm for repairs of various instruments.

Our Musical Instrument division offers a wide range of quality musical instruments for sale or rent through our showroom located in Ruwi, the heart of the Muscat business district. We encourage our patrons to test out products, to have an impromptu jam-session, or to simply discuss new developments in our industry. Where needed, we do a quality check on each instrument to ensure they are in the best working condition. We regularly introduce new brands and products to the market that are often times the first in Oman such as the plastic Wind & Brass instruments, quality Taylor guitars, instrument accessories and more.

We are the authorized dealers of several leading brands that are sourced from all over the globe. These include Roland, Kawai, Boss, Sennheiser, Shure, Valencia, Ibanez, Tama, Christie, Yamaha, D’Addario, M-Audio, Taylor, Ortega, Presonus etc. Our wide range of instruments includes Pianos, Guitars, Ukuleles, Violins, P.A. system, Microphones, Percussion, Headphones and much more. At Talentz, beginners to professionals, hobbyists to the occasional crooner, all will find the perfect gear to satisfy their musical endeavours!

So, we invite you to visit our music store, or shop online! We are constantly adding new products to our online store and while you may find certain items in our showroom only, you can email us with your inquiry. Shop online via our catalog.

Our Event Production division is the leading partner for events and entertainment production solutions in Oman. We take care of the technological and creative design & execution of an event using sound, lighting, video, and more to connect the atmosphere, mood, and emotion of attendees.
Our team of professionals are friendly and flexible, maintaining a focus on client satisfaction. We have helped many events become resounding successes across a wide range of market segments. From unique destination wedding setups to innovative car launches, beautiful architectural lighting to glitzy fashion shows, from concerts of Grammy Award-winning artists to local performances; our team delivers quality service, often going above and beyond. This is possible in part due to our continuous investment in world-class equipment making our inventory the largest and most cutting edge in the country. Our warehouses stock the largest inventory of professional audiovisual equipment for rent which includes sound, lights, LED screens, projectors, special effect equipment, tents, grandstand seating and trusses. With a vision to accommodate all needs, we can successfully cater to events of all sizes and budgets from the largest of events down to the smallest intimate events.

Some of our recent projects include “Military Band” & “Celebrate Oman” events conducted by the Royal Opera House Muscat; Red Bull Car Park Drift Finals 2016; His Majesty’s Award; Mercedes SUV Range Launch; “Motor Show” held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Center facilitating Toyota, Lexus and BMW stands. A more detailed list can be found below.

Our Music Institute helps budding musicians develop their musicals skills and talents. From young beginners to the well experienced, we offer classes to suit all ages and interest levels. Our current course selection includes Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, and Ukulele. Additionally, learners can opt to appear for internationally recognized exams offered by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or Trinity College London.

Our Service & Repairs division boasts a luthier who can address any issues with stringed instruments especially Guitars and Violins. Our other technicians can repair electronics, P.A. systems, musical instruments, wind & brass instruments and more.

Our Special Projects division undertakes various project challenges! The following are a few undertakings in the recent past:

  • Tents: We have installed permanent tent structures as well as offer tent rental for the duration of an event. Various options are available for clients to choose from including size of the tent, tents featuring glass doors, or open sided tents, indoor lining & curtains, carpet flooring etc. Tent sizes vary from event to event and range from small 10 person tents to 3000+ person tents.
  • Racetrack barrier system: We have installed professional fencing system for the Horse Race event in Sohar. These state-of-the-art running rails can be fixed or movable depending on the needs of the project. In addition to enhancing rider and horse safety, the rails are sleek and well-designed, and will complement the aesthetics of the property. The Horse Race event was conducted by the Royal Court of Affairs at the property adjacent to the Sohar Sultan Qaboss Grand Mosque.
  • Grandstand seating: We have installed grandstand seating arrangements for various clients over the past years. Since 2015, we annually install 1500 to 2000 person seating arrangement at the Royal Opera House Muscat for its outdoor Military Band event. Recently, we installed a 6500 person grandstand at the Oman Automobile Association grounds. We have also installed grandstands for the 2016 Redbull Drifting Competition Finals at the Muscat Port and for various smaller events.
  • Staging: We offer staging services for various event requirements. We have purpose-built stages for popular artists such as A.R. Rahman, Shah Rukh Khan etc.
  • Rigging: We offer industry standard ways to setup lighting, LED screens, audio and other elements for events. Our rigging team has worked in various situations from open spaces to tight spaces and uneven outdoor grounds. We offer flexibility and creativity in setting up trusses all the while ensuring that safety is maintained.

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