A. Yes! Talentz Enterprises LLC is a leading music store in Oman and we have been retailing quality musical instruments since 2002. We are authorized dealers for all products on offer which we have obtained from authorized distributors and manufacturers. All our products are fresh from the factory and brand new in their original packaging.

If we are selling any used products or repaired items, we have clearly indicated these items so as to avoid any confusion. These can be found in our “used” page section.

A. At Talentz, we want to build trust with our customers and sell products that we can stand behind confidently. Therefore, our product mix reflects the brand names that offer quality products. Oftentimes good quality products cost more; however, we try to stock items that are quality products but at an affordable price. We do this to ensure you have options within certain product categories. We want you to have an item that is akin to an investment and will last you many years, even generations! We would never want to sell a product that fails you either with poorly manufactured items or with brands that do not have a good reputation.

A. At this time, we carry a limited selection of Wind & Brass instruments. However, as authorized dealers, we have a network of suppliers and manufacturers from whom we can access several additional products. If you are looking for any particular instrument, do not hesitate to contact us and we can try to assist you.

A. We intend to build our online store continuously. But there may be times when we have some items in stock that have not been listed online. If you are looking for any particular instruments that you cannot find online, please contact us at customerservice[at]

A. If you have received an item that is not working, and is within the warranty period, kindly send us an email at customerservice[at] and we will address your concern. Please provide a detailed description of your problem, along with your telephone number and the product serial number so that a technician can assist you.

If under the warranty period, we will do our best to repair your product within 14 days under the manufacturer’s warranty. Subject to part availability with us and manufacturer. If we anticipate that this is not possible, we will replace your unit with no charge to you subject to stock availability. 

If your product is not working and is outside the warranty period, we can service or repair your items through our service technician.

A. Very secure! We have implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification from Comodo to ensure your browsing experience is safe. Comodo is one of the World’s Top Certificate Authority. With SSL security, all information you submit to us, is secured.  Comodo PositiveSSL 256 bit SSL Certificates designed for encrypting web sites and is trusted by all Internet users worldwide!

A. For a majority of our products, we offer manufacturer’s warranty for manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of delivery or handover, unless specified otherwise. Warranty is not offered on accessories such as adaptors, strings, batteries etc.  

Warranty does not cover damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions according to the Owner’s Manual for the product.

A. Kindly send us an email and we will assist you further: customerservice[at]

A. Kindly send us an email and we will assist you further.