Boss DI-1 Active Direct DI Box

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  • Active direct box with superior frequency response to conventional transformers
  • Operates on a 9-volt battery or phantom power from a mixer
  • Phase reversal and ground lifting switches
  • Three input level switches
  • Sturdy, compact design

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The DI-1 is a high-quality direct box with crystal-clear sound for transforming high-impedance, unbalanced instrument outputs to the low-impedance, balanced inputs of a mixing console.

Have you ever found your perfect tone, then plugged your instrument into a PA or recording desk and found that you didn’t have the correct connectors and that it was creating a strange humming sound that you just couldn’t get rid of?

Chances are that either you are using an unbalanced (sometimes referred to as mono) cable that is too long and is picking up noise or that your gear is suffering from a ground loop. Sometimes this can be fixed by shortening your cable length or plugging both units in to the same power socket with a power strip. However, this does not always do the trick. That is why a BOSS DI-1 Direct Injection box is a must have piece in any musicians kit. Click here to read more!

What else can the Boss DI-1 do?

► Unbalanced and parallel outputs allow you to send your signal to an on stage monitor or guitar amp as well as the mixing desk.

► Battery power allows you to run the DI-1 even if you don’t have phantom power on your mixing desk.

► Inbuilt -20dB and -40dB pad switch allows you to tame very hot signal levels at the source so you don’t distort your signal in the mixer.

► Polarity invert switch for fixing phase cancellation issues.