Crown Amplifier XS 1200

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  • Housed in a rugged, all-steel 2U chassis
  • Efficient forced-air fan prevents excessive thermal buildup
  • XLR-1/4″ combo inputs
  • 3-pin Phoenix-style inputs
  • Daisy-chain XLR outputs Touch-proof binding post outputs
  • Speakon outputs
  • Precision detented level controls
  • Five LEDs to indicate clip for each channel, power, AC mains, temperature and fault conditions
  • Microprocessor-controlled protection system
  • 3-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications

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Massive, reliable, compact power.

The Crown Xs1200 represents a new era in affordable, quality power amplification. In a uniform, rugged 2U rack mount chassis and incorporating the best of tried-and-true design principles and innovative features, the Xs1200 amp provides extensive protection and diagnostic capabilities, including output current limiting, microprocessor-controlled DC protection, circuit breaker, and special thermal protection for the unit’s transformers.

The Crown Xs1200 power amplifi er shall be a solid-state two-channel model employing Class H output circuitry.

The amplifi er shall include protection from shorted, open and mismatched loads, general overheating, DC, high-frequency verloads, under/over voltage, and internal faults.

The front-panel controls shall be a power switch and a gray rotary level control (one per channel).

The recommended load impedance shall be 2 to 8 ohms.

Rear-mounted input connectors shall be a 3-pin Phoenix-style connector(one per channel) and an XLR-1/4″combo connector (one per channel)including a 3-pin female XLR connector and TRS 1/4″ phone jack. Rearmounted output connectors shall be binding posts (one pair per channel), a 4-pole Speakon connector (one per channel), and a 3-pin male XLR connector (one per channel) in parallel with the XLR-1/4″ combo and Phoenix-style connectors for daisy-chain connections.

Front panel indicators shall include a yellow Bridge-Mode Indicator that illuminates when the Mode Switch is set to the “Bridge” position, a green Signal Indicator (one per channel) that illuminates when the channel’s input signal level is above -40 dBu, a red Clip Indicator (one per channel) that illuminates when the channel’s output signal is being overdriven, a red Temp Indicator (one per channel) that illuminates when channel(s) are in thermal protect mode, a red Fault Indicator that illuminates when the amplifi er is in protect mode and also briefl y during normal power-up when amplifi er is fi rst switched on, a yellow Power Indicator that indicates amplifi er has been turned on, and a red AC Mains Indicator that illuminates when AC power is present at the power cord.

The amplifi er chassis shall be constructed of steel with a durable black finish and shall be designed for forced-air ventilation from the front panel to the back panel.

The dimensions of the amplifi er shall allow for 19 inch (48.3 cm) EIA standard (RS-310-B) rack mounting. The amplifi er shall be 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) tall, and 17.14 inches (43.5 cm) deep behind the rack-mounting surface.