Meinl PADJ2-S-G Small Rope Tuned Travel Series Djembe, Kenyan Quilt

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  • Goat heads give you authentic sound and feel
  • Synthetic shells are perfect for outdoor playing
  • Ultra-lightweight makes them easy to carry
  • Pre-stretched HTP nylon ropes
  • Produces sharp slaps and deep bass tones
  • Non-slip rubber bottom, also to protect the drum from scratches

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The MEINL Rope Tuned Travel Series Djembes are great drums for everyone from professional musicians to drum circles and recreational players. The patented synthetic construction is used to create a djembe that is ultra-lightweight. At 20% lighter than our fiberglass series djembes, these drums are a great choice to carry to your next gig or on a hike. The hand selected goat skin heads produce the traditional slaps and warm bass tones found in traditional African drums.


The ultra-lightweight design of our percussion instruments makes them effortlessly portable. Musicians on the move will appreciate the ease of carrying these instruments to rehearsals, gigs, or jam sessions. Their featherweight construction ensures convenience without sacrificing quality, allowing you to focus on your music, not on the load. With our instruments, you can take your rhythm wherever you go, ensuring that the joy of playing is always within reach, no matter where your musical journey takes you.

Goat head

Our percussion instruments are enriched with authentic sound and feel, thanks to the meticulously selected goat heads. These natural materials deliver the rich, warm, and resonant tones that musicians crave. The goat heads not only reproduce the traditional sounds of various musical styles but also provide a tactile experience that connects you with the essence of percussion. With our instruments, you can truly immerse yourself in the rhythms, feeling the beat as much as hearing it.

Pre-stretched HTP nylon ropes

In the Rope Tuned Travel Series, precision meets performance with pre-stretched HTP (High Tensile Polymer) nylon ropes. These specialized ropes guarantee consistent and reliable tuning, ensuring that the drum remains pitch-perfect over extended playing sessions. Designed to endure the demands of various climates and conditions, these ropes provide the player with confidence, knowing that their drum’s tension will hold true, allowing for a worry-free, immersive musical experience deeply rooted in African tradition.



Introducing our Rope Tuned Travel Series, the ultimate companion for your musical adventures. Crafted with an ultra-lightweight design, these drums are a breeze to carry, making them your go-to choice on the move. Their synthetic shell ensures durability and weather resistance, rendering them perfect for outdoor use. And with meticulously selected goat heads, you not only get a resilient instrument but also authentic sound and feel. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply jamming in the open air, our Travel Series guarantees you can carry your rhythm wherever your journey takes you.