Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowl SB-OR-400-BK – ORNAMENTAL SERIES – 10.5cm / 4,13″ – 400g / 14.11 oz

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  • Diameter: 10.5cm / 4,13″
  • Weight: 400g / 14.11 oz
  • Material: Special brass cast alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Feature 1: Constantly warm, low pitched sound
  • Feature 2: Hand-painted ornamental design
  • Feature 3: Great gift idea
  • Made in: India
  • Including: Gift box, mallet, and coaster

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The Ornamental Series Singing Bowls are the perfect starting point for achieving a meditative, relaxed state through these ancient instruments. A resonating mallet, coaster, and presentation box are included to provide everything you need to get the most out of these bowls. The sounds produced are warm and relaxing, so singing bowls are frequently used worldwide in meditation practices and some yoga studios. Ornamental Series Singing Bowls are cast in India from brass alloy and finished with a hand-painted motif. The vibrations from Ornamental Series Singing Bowls reflect the spiritual tradition and have modern-day well-being applications anywhere you enjoy playing them.


A variety of demands at work and in our private lives mean that we are almost permanently under pressure. In such a time, it is therefore particularly important to consciously take time out and to spare body and mind.

Due to their numerous positive effects, the use of Singing Bowls has become an increasingly popular method in recent years for escaping the hectic pace of everyday life and finding balance. It is believed that the use of Singing Bowls can mobilize the body’s own self-healing powers and gently dissolve everyday stresses and impurities. In addition, Singing Bowls with their harmonious, spherical sound have the potential to flood any room in seconds with a soothing and grounding atmosphere that allows us to relax from the inside out.

Take the chance to get away from it all for a few minutes and recharge your batteries.

For your personal, daily relaxation…

Working with Singing Bowls can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

During a meditation or mindfulness practice, you can focus on the resonant tone for a long time, tracking where and how the sound is coming from, sharpening your senses.

Play the Singing Bowl for final relaxation (called Shavasana) after your yoga practice, or create your own personal Sound Bath with friends or family.

You will certainly find a way to use the vibrations positively for yourself!

… or as a gift for a loved one

The Ornamental Series Singing Bowls are the perfect gift to give relaxation and mindfulness. No matter what the occasion, this Singing Bowls enable a quick and uncomplicated introduction to the world of sound.

The complete set is rounded off by an attractive gift box, a color-coordinated Singing Bowl coaster or ring and a corresponding mallet. Due to the hand-painted design on the Singing Bowls, each is a special unique piece. Matching the gift box and the coaster / ring are decorated with a pretty ornamental pattern.

Meinl Sonic Energy Ornamental Series Singing Bowls

Value and care you will feel

The Singing Bowls of the Ornamental Series from Meinl Sonic Energy are based on the so-called Gulpa Singing Bowl. This is characterized by a bulbous rim and a tonal mixture of Singing Bowl and bell.

Meinl Sonic Energy Ornamental Singing Bowls are cast from a special brass alloy. This is also reflected in their consistently warm sound. All this is topped off by a brilliant blackened look and hand-painted golden ornaments.

A perfectly matched set

The Meinl Sonic Energy Ornamental Singing Bowl is available as a 300 or 400 g Bowl in a set with Singing Bowl coaster or ring, a corresponding mallet and gift box – optionally in red or black. Thus, everything necessary is provided to achieve a meditative state of relaxation with this centuries-old instrument.

Each Bowl is adorned with a hand-painted ornamental design. This also makes the Ornamental Series Singing Bowls a decorative furnishing item.

Each Bowl is unique

Our Singing Bowls can sound slightly different depending on size and weight and are not tuned to a specific tone. So there are slight differences in sound due to the manufacturing process, even with the same sizes. The indicated weights are therefore approximate values.

In principle, however, it can be stated that the smaller Singing Bowl with only 300 g reproduces a higher tone than the Singing Bowl with 400 g.

Meinl Sonic Energy is a collection of instruments that supports our connection to experience the body, mind and energy, as One. Many practitioners and guides within the health and wellness industry use these instruments therapeutically for stress management, anxiety relief, insomnia, depression, addictive recovery, pain management, etc. They are unique expressions of the vibrations we encounter on a daily basis and when listened to closely, seem to have a language all their own. They invite us to appreciate the definition of all things we find harmonious in our life and through this support, our journey begins toward new peace and restoration. Our collection of beautifully crafted creations makes self-discovery through sound a simple, profound practice.

MEINL Sonic Energy Ornamental Series Singing Bowl (SB-OR-400-R)