PreSonus ATOM SQ Keyboard/Pad Hybrid MIDI Keyboard/Pad Performance and Production Controller

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    • A complete music production package featuring a hybrid MIDI keyboard/pad performance and production controller with Studio One Artist and Ableton Live Lite both included
    • 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive, RGB LED pads in a unique, staggered layout; intuitive for keyboard players and step sequencer fans
    • Context-sensitive screen displays valuable parameter information, including CC assignments, swing, and much more
    • Eight endless rotary encoders can be easily configured to control nearly any software parameter
    • Includes 2 loop packs with custom kits for Impact XT
    • Expressive arpeggiator for dramatic, easily-performed melodies
    • Includes custom-curated content libraries for ATOM SQ
    • Constrain to Scale feature puts an end to wrong notes forever
    • MCU and HUI modes for transport control in nearly every DAW
    • Powerful MIDI mode lets you control your favorite DAW or virtual instrument with ease
    • USB bus-powered for easy connectivity and maximum portability

    Studio One Integration Features

    • Automatically detected by Studio One, no setup required
    • Deep integration with Studio One’s Pattern Editor for intuitive step sequencer programming
    • Navigate and choose instruments and effects from the Browser
    • Change presets on virtual instruments and effects
    • Create a new track
    • Activate the metronome and change song tempo
    • Set looping points in the timeline
    • Navigate the timeline
    • Zoom in and out on the timeline or events
    • Directly edit MIDI events and apply the Quantization or Humanization commands
    • Transport control (stop, play, record)
    • Studio One dynamically switches ATOM between Keyboard and Drum modes depending on the selected instrument
    • Requires Studio One 5 or later for full integration support

    Ableton Live Integration Features

    • Seamless Integration with Ableton Live
    • Use ATOM SQ’s Constrain to Scale mode and Arpeggiator to perform live
    • Change session tempo, navigate the timeline, open/close windows, and display which windows are open or closed
    • Control track volume, panning, send level and solo/mute/arm status
    • Select a Device and edit its parameters
    • Navigate Clips and Scenes
    • Launch or stop Clips and Scenes
    • Control Live’s crossfader with ATOM SQ’s touch strip
    • Transport control (stop, play, record) plus "Capture MIDI"
    • User Mode for custom assignments
    • Requires Ableton Live version 10.1.15 or later for full integration support


    • Studio One native
    • Live native
    • MCU/HUI*
    • Standard MIDI controller

    May vary depending on application.


    • USB-C-compatible port

    Included Software

    • Studio One Artist production software for macOS and Windows
    • Ableton Live Lite (for registered users after October 20, 2019)
    • 2 bonus loop packs with custom kits for Studio One’s Impact XT
    • Compatible with most music production and performance software for macOS and Windows

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Rhythm and Melody

ATOM SQ: Hybrid MIDI Keyboard / Pad Performance and Production Controller

Get to steppin’

Modern musicians, performers, and producers need to move quickly from programming drums and samples to playing synth lines and back again. ATOM SQ was designed as a versatile and expressive MIDI pad controller for contemporary music production. Its unique design is optimized for both classic TR-style, 16-step beat sequencing and drum-pattern editing in Studio One or playing instruments and launching clips in Ableton Live-yet its staggered and RGB-lit 32-pad configuration is instantly familiar to anyone who has played a controller keyboard. Advanced features let you change the keyboard scale, and a built-in arpeggiator and user-configurable touch strip make the ATOM SQ the most expressive controller you’ll ever use. In fact, it’s the best PreSonus Studio One MIDI controller available.

Control for the best step sequencer at your fingertips

Deep integration with Studio One’s Pattern Editor allows for evolving step sequences that will bring your productions to life. Insert a pattern, change its length, add new variations, and change scales-right from the ATOM SQ. Need to make changes on the fly? ATOM SQ lets you open the Studio One Pattern Editor, select and edit steps individually, and even copy, paste, duplicate, and delete events, all using tactile controls. You’ll build compositions faster than ever before using the built-in step sequencer in Studio One and ATOM SQ. It’s fast and easy for anyone who knows how to program a drum machine. Experimenting yields particularly rewarding results because ATOM SQ can constrain your performance to the scale of your choice. No more wrong notes!

A complete production toolkit

Included with ATOM SQ, Studio One Artist music production software enables you to compose, record, and produce without getting distracted by the tools or hemmed in with track limitations. Easy to learn and intuitive to use, Studio One’s unique drag-and-drop workflow and powerful tools will let you produce faster than ever before. Also included are two carefully-curated loop libraries with custom Impact XT kits. New to version 5: Studio One Artist now lets you use your favorite third-party VST and AU plug-in effects and virtual instruments. You also now have complete support for Studio One Remote so you can use your iPad or Android tablet as a second screen or a remote Studio One controller. And with ATOM SQ, you have the most flexible PreSonus Studio One MIDI controller available.

Ableton Live integration and more

ATOM SQ is also a unique Ableton Live controller, designed for production and live performance. You can launch clips and scenes during a performance, select devices and edit parameters, navigate tracks and scenes, control each track’s volume, panning, and send levels-plus do all your drum programming in Ableton from the ATOM SQ! Ableton Live Lite is included, so you can get to creating right away. It comes with all of Live’s essential workflows, instruments, and effects-everything you need to record songs, create hands-on with your controller, take music made in your apps further, and so much more.

However, wherever.

ATOM SQ is highly configurable. You can freely remap instrument parameters to different hardware controls, so your rotary encoders can control everything from filter cutoff to drum tuning, for the ultimate drum programming experience. You can colorize the RGB LEDs as you please to color-code your loops and samples. ATOM SQ’s LCD screen is used to display context-sensitive information, and uses a dynamic button system that changes functions depending on the task at hand. Need to add more swing to your arpeggiator or change the CC assignment of a controller? The LCD screen details functions you need, right when you need them for the job at hand.

Navigation and transport control

ATOM SQ is more than an expressive pad controller-it also lets you navigate many aspects of Studio One without a mouse and keyboard. You’ve got transport controls for stop, play, and record, plus a dedicated Click Track toggle. You can even zoom in and out of your timeline and navigate among your tracks, all without skipping a beat.

Wherever sound takes you…

With its unique staggered-pad layout, contextual screen design, and customization tools, ATOM SQ lets you stay in the moment of creation. Its small-footprint, USB bus-powered design means you can slip it right into your bag and produce anywhere you and your laptop might happen to go, and the complete suite of integrated software lets you start creating right out of the box. Whether you’re in the studio, on stage, or on the road, ATOM SQ gives you the freedom to create, wherever sound takes you.

Apple Silicon, iOS, and iPadOS compatibility-standard.

The PreSonus ATOM SQ is natively compatible with Apple Silicon-based Mac computers, as well as iOS and iPadOS devices, including iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Because it’s USB class-compliant, there are no special drivers or applications to download and install. You’ll be able to produce on the go-everything from podcasts to folk rock to trap-wherever sound takes you.

Make your own magic.

At PreSonus, we want to make sure that our audio products come with everything you need to craft your own mesmerizing spells in the studio. That’s why we include Studio One Artist with every audio interface and controller product we make, from the 2-channel AudioBox USB 96 to the 64-channel StudioLive 64S, ATOM to FaderPort 16, but we didn’t stop there. Why? Because here in Louisiana, we have a word: lagniappe. It means “a little something extra,” and it’s in that spirit that we also include the Studio Magic Suite of software with our audio interface products and–new for 2021–our award-winning controllers as well.

The 2021 Studio Magic includes tutorials from Melodics, sound libraries from Ghost Hack, 7 virtual instruments, and 9 effects plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats to use in Studio One Artist or your DAW of choice with a retail value of over $1000 (US).

Computer system requirements:

Below are the minimum computer-system requirements for ATOM SQ:


  • macOS version 10.13 or later
  • 200 MB storage space for Universal Control (required for firmware updates)
  • Available USB port


  • Windows 10 or later (64-Bit Only)
  • 200 MB storage space for Universal Control (required for firmware updates and low-latency ASIO support)
  • Available USB port



  • Connection Type: USB-C compatible USB 2.0 connection (bus-powered)

Pads, Buttons, and Knobs

  • 32 velocity- and pressure-sensitive, RGB LED pads
  • 16 assignable buttons
  • 8 endless rotary knobs
  • 1 Assignable multifunction touch strip


  • Height: 0.98″ (25 mm)
  • Depth: 6.8″ (172 mm)
  • Width: 14.25″ (362 mm)
  • Weight: 2 lb. (0.91 kg)