Welcome to our Special Projects division! You have big plans for your events or projects, and we would be honored to assist you make them a reality! From bespoke stage requirements to arena seating, and even to racetrack barrier systems, we provide it all to make your event a success.

Some of our recent successful projects include the following categories:

  • Tents: Whether your requirement is for an intimate small gathering or a large event, we have various sizes for you to choose from. We have installed permanent tent structures as well as offer tent rental for the duration of an event all-across Oman. Various options are available to choose from including size of the tent, and features such as glass doors, indoor lining & curtains, carpet flooring etc. Click here for past tent pictures. 
  • Racetrack barrier system: Horse races, camel races and other forms of animal racing courses require a state-of-the-art fencing system for rider and animal health & safety. Our racetrack barrier system emphasizes the safety element but also offers flexibility to relocate as it can be fixed or movable depending on the needs of the project. In addition to enhancing rider and animal safety, the rails are sleek and well-designed, and will complement the aesthetics of the property. Annually, we install the racetracks barrier system conducted by the Royal Court of Affairs at the various properties around Oman such as the Sohar Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Bidiyah Camelrace track and more. Click here for past pictures of racetrack barrier system installations. 
  • Grandstand and Arena seating: You have a fantastic venue in mind, but need to find a way to accommodate large number of guests? We offer grandstand seating arrangements for various requirements and we have experience supporting events such as outdoor events hosted at Royal Opera House Muscat, Fifa World Cup viewing outside Oman Avenues Mall. From a 6,500 seating capacity at Oman Automobile Association grounds, even down to a 350 person capacity, we can accommodate all your needs.  Annually, we install 1500 to 2000 person seating arrangement at the Royal Opera House Muscat for its outdoor Military Band event.Click here for past pictures of arena seating installations.
  • Staging: We offer staging services for various event requirements. We have purpose-built stages for popular artists such as A.R. Rahman, Shah Rukh Khan etc. as well as small stages for live-bands. Click here for past pictures of our stage setups across Oman. 
  • Rigging: We offer industry standard ways to setup professional lighting, LED screens, audio and other elements for events. Our rigging team has worked in various situations from open spaces to tight spaces and uneven outdoor grounds. We offer flexibility and creativity in setting up trusses all the while ensuring that safety is maintained. Click here for past pictures of rigging installations.

Contact us today to see how we can support your grand plans! Leave a message via the form below:

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